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Lump Sum Payments

Sell Annuity Settlement Payments

Advantage Financial Consulting, Inc is a national funding company that will provide you with a lump sum of cash today for your future payments on Annuities, Structured Settlements, or Personal Injury payments. For years we have been providing cash to customers, many of whom could not receive financial support from their banks or their credit unions.

We offer our customers effective solutions customized to their needs, that help them get the financial freedom they need and deserve for things like a down payment on a new home, a business venture, debt elimination, medical expenses, a sudden financial crisis, returning to school and investing in their future.

Sell Annuity - Why you should choose to sell your Annuity? Would you rather have your money now and in a lump sum or do you want to wait for monthly checks or even payments that may be 2, 5 or 10 years off.

Sell Annuity Payment - How long does it take for you to get your money from Annuities? We typically can get approval to buy your Annuity within a matter of months. Don’t believe anyone who misleads you into thinking it’s a quick process, all Annuity purchases must be approved by a Court in your home area. So the time period is dependent on your getting us the required paperwork and then us getting a Court date. We have Attorneys all over the Country who specialize in the Sale of Annuities; you wouldn’t want a Real Estate lawyer who’s never handled an Annuity before representing you? In the sale of Annuities, you only get one chance in front of a Judge, so you want an attorney who has had experience in your jurisdiction and more likely has been before the same Judge!

Sell Annuity Settlement - Annuity Settlements are generally given as the result of a settlement of a legal cause of action, it can be a personal injury, malpractice or any type of Lawsuit or settlement where the defendant and the plaintiffs agree to an Annuity Settlement.

Sell Structured Settlement Annuity Payments

By selling a Structured settlement Annuity payments, you get to use the money now, rather then at some future time; you should always remember that to-days money will buy more then the same dollars down the road. The simplest analogy is a half gallon of milk that might cost $3.10 cents now how much will that same half gallon of milk cost in five years?

Structured Settlement Annuity - A Structured Settlement Annuity is essentially and insurance policy purchased by the losing side in a lawsuit. Is provides for scheduled payments that could in the case of a child last over the full life of the individual.

Sell Structured Settlement - When the holder of a Structured Settlement decides that receiving payment and in many cases over 10 to 20 years or even longer, it is time to consider the sale of the Structured Settlement.

Sell Structured Settlement Payment - Usually people wanting to sell structured settlement payments are plaintiffs who agreed to take, what seemed at the time, to be a larger amount of money for their case then the reality of it was. The defendant buys an Annuity from an Insurance company paying less then the actual amount of the award or settlement thus saving on final settlement.

Structured Settlement Payment - Structured Settlement Payments can range from monthly or yearly and in many cases a verity of combinations paying out to-days dollars at tomorrow’s value. In other words the dollar amount is the same, but the buying power of the dollar decreases with inflation. What is worth to-day will cost more years down the road.

Funding Lawsuit Settlement and Pre Settlement Funding

Funding Lawsuit and Pre Settlement Funding - Presettlement funding or Lawsuit Settlement Funding helps to solve the dilemma previously discussed and not addressed by the conventional sources such as the banking industry. By stepping in, when no one else will, plaintiffs can now afford the “insurance waiting game” thus providing their attorney with the necessary breathing room to arrange a fair and equitable settlement usually more benefiting to the injured party.

Lawsuit Funding - Is the advancing of money to personal injury plaintiffs with critical financial needs. These needs often are result of the “game” played by the insurance carriers during the settlement or litigation process. For the injured victim, it may take several months to be released from therapy or their doctor’s care. During this period of time, the plaintiff’s may not have financial resources necessary for everyday living or all of their funds can be and may have been depleted. Not having reserves to fall back on, and with banks and other traditional capital sources unwilling to help, plaintiffs find themselves under extreme duress and to accept an unreasonable and often unfair offer of settlement from the insurance company, this is the function of Lawsuit Funding.

Lawsuit Settlement - Obviously, the Lawsuit Settlement, is the outcome the both the Plaintiff and the Lawsuit Settlement Funder is the goal of all of our efforts.

Presettlement Funding - As stated above, our job is to get you the money you need in the Presettlement Funding stage, which is prior to your Attorney reaching an agreement with the Defendant’s Insurance Company.

Funding Pre settlement - We as a Pre settlement Funding Company supply the money you need now, putting you in a much better position to wait out the negotiate with the defendants insurance company since you are not in the financial hole that would force you to take an offer which is substantially lower then your case deserves.

Funding Lawsuit Pre settlement - We will determine approximately what you case is valued at, taking into consideration the cost of your Attorney fees and medical expenses which will have to be paid out of your final settlement, that is how we determine the Funding Lawsuit Pre settlement we can advance. Obviously each transaction is different and will depend on the information supplied by the Plaintiff’s Attorney, but generally it typically will be in the $1,000 to $5,000 range, however, it won’t be unusual for requests and findings to be higher. Our success in recouping our investment will lie in our ability to analyze the cases, evaluate risk and translate these factors to an offer of capital. Keep in mind that many requests are fundable at some level…we always seek to figure out how to say "yes"!

Funding Lawsuit Settlement - This is definitely not a loan the advance is non recourse, meaning the repayment is not guaranteed or "period-certain". Settling a personal injury case requires an undetermined period of time. No payments are required and if the case fails to be resolved (as a result of the litigation), the plaintiff has no obligation for repayment. As a Litigation Funder we accept this risk right along with the Attorney who has taken the case on a contingency basis, no settlement no payment. As with most things in life, no one can say with certainty how a case will settle or for how much. This is the risk we assume. However, we have the use of an innovative and proprietary system that has been used for evaluating hundreds of cases, assessing case details, risks and managing the underwriting procedures. The most important consideration of the Funder is having the full and complete cooperation of the Attorney without that their can be no funding.

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