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Structured Settlement

Get the cash you need in a lump sum by selling your regular structured settlement payments. Advantage Financial Consulting, Inc. can help you get the best price around.  If this sounds appealing to you call us or fill out the contact form for a no nonsense quote. It's that simple. 

Many of our customers have sold a portion of their structured settlement and used their lump-sum cash to start or expand a business, pay off debt, purchase homes or made investments that provided enduring financial security. 

Advantage Financial Consulting Inc., is known for extremely great pricing and timely closings for all kinds of structured settlements... including court and personal injury settlements.

To learn how we can help you, please contact us by Clicking HERE to fill out the Structured Settlement Application. You may also call us at 1 866-546-7416 Fax 866-625-1688 (outside the USA call 1 954-724-0020) We will be glad to help.

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